Dore Abbey (Herefordshire)

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The Phoenix Organ in Dore Abbey (Herefordshire) has three manuals and pedals, and a floating Solo division.  The instrument has attracted very positive comments from the staff at the Abbey, members of the congregation and visitors.  This instrument incorporates components from our demonstration instrument installed in 2005.  The permanent installation in the Abbey was completed early in 2006.
Great Organ Choir Organ
16 Double Diapason 8 Open Diapason
8 Open Diapason I 8 Stopped Flute
8 Open Diapason II 8 Dulciana
8 Claribel Flute 4 Principal
8 Stopped Diapason 4 Open Flute
4 Octave 2 2/3 Nazard
4 Harmonic Flute 2 Recorder
2 2/3 Octave Quint 2 Fifteenth
2 Super Octave 1 3/5 Tierce
Fourniture IV 1 1/3 Larigot
Sharp Mixture IV 1 Twenty Second
16 Trombone Scharf IV
8 Posaune 8 Cremona
4 Clarion 8 Trumpet
Swell Organ (enclosed) Pedal Organ
16 Contra Salicional 32 Sub Bass
8 Geigen Diapason 16 Open Wood
8 Gedackt 16 Violone
8 Salicional 16 Bourdon
8 Voix Celestes II 8 Octave
4 Principal 8 Bass Flute
4 Nason Flute 4 Fifteenth
2 Flageolet 4 Flute
Sesquialtera II Mixture III
Mixture IV 32 Bombarde
16 Contra Fagotto 16 Ophicleide
8 Oboe 16 Posaune
8 Cornopean 8 Clarion
4 Clarion  
  Auto Bass
Solo Organ (enclosed) Couplers
8 Harmonic Flute Solo on Pedal
8 Viole d'Orchestre Swell to Pedal
8 Erzahler Celeste II Great to Pedal
8 Viola Choir to Pedal
8 Gamba Swell to Great
8 Viola da Gamba Choir to Great
4 Concert Flute Swell to Choir
4 Octave Violes II Solo on Choir
Cornet de Violes III Solo on Great
Seventeenth 13/5 Swell Tremulant
Cymbal IV Solo Tremulant
16 Regal Choir Tremulant
8 Trompette Great & Pedal Comb. Coupled
8 Vox Humana  
8 Corno di Bassetto  
8 Orchestral Oboe Cymbelstern
8 Tuba  
8 Trompete en Chamade  
  Sub Octave  

Registration Aids

8 independent memories for piston settings
8 thumb pistons for each for  Swell, Great and Choir
6 thumb pistons for Solo
8 General thumb pistons
8 toe pistons for Pedal
8 toe pistons for Swell
Reversible thumb pistons for Ch to Ped, Grt to Ped,
Sw to Ped,  Sw to Grt,  Sw to Choir, Choir to Grt
Reversible toe pistons for Sw to Grt, Grt to Ped
Setter and General Cancel thumb pistons
Sequencer advance pistons
Phoenix Display and control pistons Select temperament from: Equal, Werckmeister, Valloti, or Silbermann
Fine Tuning
Volume Control
Reverberation (time and level)
Select piston memory
Sequencer On/Off
Amplification 10 80watt organ amplifiers
Lexicon MX 100 Reverberation Unit

Mr. G. Hollom is willing to allow interested individuals try out this Phoenix Organ:  please him directly to arrange a mutually convenient time.  His phone number is 01981 240464.



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