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This page of our web site contains links to PDF files which may be down loaded to your computer for printing or viewing off-line with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  These files have been created using the actual web pages from the site and are updated periodically when the web pages are changed.  Please note that the live web pages may be more up-to-date than these PDF files.

About Phoenix Organs (550Kb)
includes Welcome Page, News, Our Organs, Baseline Organs, About the company and Phoenix Contacts
   Phoenix Welcome Page & News
   Phoenix Contacts
   Our Organs
   Baseline organs
   About the company
The Phoenix System
Installations Index (Index only)
Installations (Details - 475Kb)
More Installations Index (Index only)
More Installations (Details - 678Kb)

Printing pages from the Web site

You can produce files that are more suitable for printing from any of our web pages as follows:

  1. Navigate to the web page you wish to print.

  2. At the bottom of the page (on the left) press the button

  3.  - this will open a new browser Window with the same file as you were viewing with the navigation panels removed.

  4. Using the browser facilities to print this page (For Internet Explorer select File (top left) then Print: you can choose which printer to use from the Print Dialogue box). 

  5. Close the Window.  Continue to enjoy the Phoenix web site from you "original" browser window.


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